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Signed, sealed, and certified: an even more pro-public education legislature

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LD 42 doorbelling

WEA educators doorbelled, texted, made calls, sent mail, and talked with our coworkers and with our communities and it made a huge difference in this midterm election.  Election authorities certified the outcomes yesterday (11/29/22) and we’re excited to report that we have strengthened the pro-public education, pro-labor majority in both chambers of our state legislature. 

Several races were extremely tight and every vote counted.  We now have two WEA members in the State Senate, Sen. Sharon Shewmake and Sen. Matt Boehnke, where we previously didn’t have any members, and we will have more legislators ready to listen to what our students and schools need.   

Through our WEA-PAC funded work, WEA members also worked to increase the representation of People of Color in our state legislature.  We’re proud to have helped to elect 29 of the 32 WEA-PAC endorsed candidates of color, and we’re excited about the impact that these voices will have in our legislature. 

Now WEA leaders are pivoting to working with our newly-elected legislators, having important discussions about priority issues including increasing pay for all educators—especially ESPs, ensuring our students have stable access to meals, and supporting Special Education.  Read our full legislative agenda. 

Members are taking action now to share our experiences for why these priority issues are critical.  Join us! 

WEA-PAC Priority Candidates   


10th LD: Rep. Dave Paul   


10th LD: Clyde Shavers 


26th LD: Sen. Emily Randall   


42nd LD: Sharon Shewmake*   


42nd LD: Rep. Alicia Rule    


42nd LD: Joe Timmons   


47th LD: Claudia Kauffman   


* WEA members  

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